Life Choices Foundation: A Closer Look at Our Educational Programs

Life Choices Foundation: A Closer Look at Our Educational Programs

Our youth represent the future. With nurturing and careful guidance, they can grow up to achieve great things, transform their lives, and the world around them. Unfortunately, too many adolescents and young adults go through life without any such support and end upmaking mistakes that can change the course of their future.

Life Choices Foundation is an organization whose aim is to provide the information, education and support that young people require to make the correct decisions in life. Through their popular educational programs, they hope to bring clarity and encouragement to those who need it most — our youth.

In the Life Choices Foundation reviews, you can read about the quality programs offered by the FoundationYou will discover how the foundation inspires and challenges its young audience to become more aware of their decisions, the consequences of their decisions, and how to choose a path in life that will ultimately benefit them.

If you are seeking assistance for yourself or someone you know, we encourage you to learn more about our inspirational programs.

Life Choices Program

Sadly, too many teenagers suffer from self-image issues. Inundated with photoshopped images and stylized videos on social media, teens are showered with unrealistic impressions of life, leading to depression, body-image issues, and self-control issues. The “Life Choices Program” from the Life Choices Foundation helps teenagers to consider the consequences of the decisions they make about life’s most significant choices.

This program offers evidence-based data to inspire high school students in Years 8–12 to make healthy decisions regarding who they are and what they want in life. It offers real-life stories that a young audience can relate to and focuses on self-control, addictive behavior, social comparison, road safety, community awareness, values, and beliefs.

It’s Your Life Program

In the Life Choices Foundation reviewsyou will notice previous participants praising this fast-paced program, which challenges prison inmates to leave the past behind and focus on choosing a better path for the future.

Life Choices Ambassador, Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher, challenges the participants to understand how much the circumstances surrounding them and the influences that have shaped them have contributed to the person they are today. He seeks to demonstrate that while people are unable to control the world around them, they do have control over how they react. Furthermore, Andrew highlights the link between decision, action and consequence, and illustrates how the legacy a person leaves behind is a direct result of these decisions and their consequences.

Unlock Your Olympian Mindset

This program is a dynamic combination of personal experience and the psychology behind attaining goals and dreams. A large part of this particular program deals with building up resilience and overcoming the challenges that life throws in our path to become a better person on the other side. Focusing on students from Year 7 to 12, it teaches them that you may not be an athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the skills and techniques of an athlete to succeed in life.

Presented by 2x Olympic Athlete, Eloise Wellings, and high-performance coach& psychology researcher, Rory Darkins, participants in this program will be given an insight into how focus and determination will bring them closer to achieving their goals. The program is followed by a Question-and-Answer session for enquiring minds to explore the topic further.

Make Bullying History

Bullying is a more serious issue than a lot of people understand. It can have a serious negative effect on mental health, and at its worst, can lead to people taking their own lives. This program endeavors to educate and enlighten both students and teachers about how to correctly identify bullying, why people bully, and what to do about it.

An essential aspect of this particular program also involves discussing the key factors of self-worth and self-esteem. It contains a powerful component that positively reinforces each and every individual’s intrinsic worth, and challenges its participants with positive goal setting.

Focusing on students from Year 7 to Year 12, this popular program has had an amazing response from both students and teachers. You can read these responses for yourself in the Life Choices Foundation reviews visit

Year 7 “Is This For Real?”

This evidence-informed, purpose written presentation sees Life Choices Ambassador, Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher, talk to Year 7 students about emotions they may be feeling or thinking and issues they may be facing as they become a small fish in a much bigger high school pond. Andrew challenges the students to think about how their lives have recently changed and what mindset they’ll choose in their high school career. Andrew encourages them to stay focused, even if they experience push-back, failure and negative feelings or circumstances. Andrew also covers important choices the students will face in terms of their high school journey and the benefits of choosing a pathway that has support from their friends & family as opposed to a journey that carries greater risk. Andrew links this back to the fact that we are the sum of the influences and experiences of our lives, and students need to stop and consider what affect their choices may be having on their happiness and well-being.


Life Choices Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering teenagers and others in the community who may need guidance and direction. Through a variety of evidence-based programs, Life Choices Foundation hopes to give people the knowledge and confidence to go out into the world be the best that they can be.

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