Our evidence informed programs seek to challenge and inspire teenagers & adults to understand the consequences of important life choices. Our Programs aim to encourage attendees to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them, inspiring them to stand firm in the face of difficulty and negative influence and challenge them to leave the past behind and make the right choices moving forward.

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life choices foundation

Life Choices

Year Group: 10

life choices foundation

It's Your Life

Correctional & Youth Program

Make Bullying History

Year Groups: 7-12


The current generation of teenagers are struggling with issues around self-image, self-control and social comparison. Every generation is defined by a set of values; these values are invariably placed on them by previous generations. This current generation of youth have been told life is all about them. However, the latest youth-related mental health research and statistics, around the areas of happiness and well-being, indicate that there is work to be done.

Presented by Andrew Fisher, to over 250,000 students, and delivered under the Welfare & Well-being Curriculum, the Life Choices High School Program challenges teens to stop and think through the consequences of some of life’s significant choices, for themselves. It encourages them to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them. The Program provides evidence-based information and real-life stories that inspire young people to stand firm in the face of difficulties and negative influences.

Audience: Year 10 (other year groups can be added for minimum required numbers)

Groups: Single or Multiple Year Groups

Topics/Focus: Self-Control, Addictive Behaviours, Self-Image, Social Comparison, Road Safety, Community Awareness, Values & Beliefs.


“The past is the past, it doesn’t define you, but it doesn’t excuse you.”

Delivered in a fast-paced, direct, challenging and, at times, brutally honest way, the It’s Your Life Program aims to inspire inmates to leave the past behind and have the courage to make better choices for their future.

Andrew Fisher challenges inmates to recognise who they are has more to do with their circumstances and the influences that have shaped them, than they realise. It challenges them to leave the past behind and have the courage to choose a better path for their future.

Andrew educates the inmates about the notion of legacy, how we will be remembered when we are gone. He explains that we can’t control what happens to us in life, the only thing we can choose is our reaction. Our legacy will either be determined by our actions OR if we have the courage to decide who we want to be or perhaps who we don’t want to be (a prisoner) it will influence our actions so that we arrive at the destination we have chosen.

The underlying message of the program is…..“It is your life, so it’s up to you to make it count!”


Presenter, Brett Murray, draws from his personal experience and years of research to focus on the underlying message that no one deserves to be treated with anything less than honour, dignity and respect.

Bullying is now regarded as a serious mental health problem and not just a disciplinary issue. This evidence-based Program helps students, teachers & the greater school community to correctly identify bullying behaviour, what it is and what it is not, why people do it and how we can stop it.

Other topics covered during the presentation include self-worth, self-esteem & identifying the key contributing factors that affect self-worth and self-esteem.

The program has a powerful component that positively reinforces each and every individual’s intrinsic worth and value, and challenges the participants with positive goal setting, dreams and vision for one’s life.

Audience: Years 7-12

Groups: Single or Multiple Year Groups

Topics/Focus: Identifying what Bullying is, what it is not, why people bully, how we can stop it, self-esteem, self-worth & achieving your dreams.

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