The Life Choices Foundation outsources the delivery of their High School presentations via professional communicators that have focused on developing programs for youth.

Below is a list of options available however Life Choices Foundation is also able to tailor programs and material to the requirements of organisations.


Life Choices – Presented by Andrew Fishtail Fisher

This highly acclaimed presentation has been delivered to more than 250,000 students across Australia and challenges the students to stop and think about the consequences of the decisions they make in life. As most mature adults will understand there is a time for making impulse decisions but there is also a time when young people need to be more considered and this presentation engages them through practical stories and statistics around some of the more important aspects of life such as smoking, drinking, drug, social media, road safety, sex and spirituality.

The presentation encourages teenagers to make decisions based on what is “right” for them as opposed to what their peer group may determine.

To enhance the connection with the students Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher from Jesus Racing speaks about the courageous decisions and the choices he and his wife have had to make around their daughters heart condition. His personal reflections emotionally engages the audience and creates a tangibility that allows him to challenge the students to have the courage to make the decisions that are “right” for them.

Fisher brings his replica race car along as well as posters which, when time permits, he often signs after the presentation. Everyone is sure to leave challenged and inspired about making more informed decisions for their future.

“Often who we become has more to do with our circumstances or the influences in our lives. We need to understand this and then be challenged to consider our future. It is your life, it’s up to you to make it count”
Andrew Fishtail Fisher.

The Life Choices presentation has been accepted under the Welfare and Wellbeing Curriculum across all States and Territories.

Many references are available upon request.

Click here to download information on the ‘Life Choices’ school presentation.


Please note: Jesus Racing’s presentation is only suitable for High School aged students, and is conducted in a full or multi year group assembly format (seating must be provided for the students).

Remote locations are welcome however will obviously be considered based on the availability of the teams travel schedule.

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