Our evidence informed digital programs seek to challenge and inspire teenagers & adults to understand the consequences of important life choices. Our Programs aim to encourage attendees to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them, inspiring them to stand firm in the face of difficulty and negative influence and challenge them to leave the past behind and make the right choices moving forward.

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life choices foundation

Life Choices Program

Year Groups: 8-12

life choices foundation

Is This For Real?

Year Groups: Year 7 Only

life choices foundation

Make Bullying History

Year Groups: 7-12

life choices foundation

The COVID Experience

Year Groups: 7-12


Delivered in two parts, the Life Choices Program is a copy of our highly acclaimed ‘in person’ Program which challenges teens to STOP & THINK through the consequences of some of life’s significant choices, for themselves. It encourages them to choose the path that is right for them. 

The program provides evidence-based information and real-life stories that inspire young people to stand firm in the face of difficulties & negative influences. 

Audience: 8-12

Topics/Focus: Self-Control, Addictive Behaviours, Self-Image, Social Comparison, Road Safety, Community Awareness, Values & Beliefs. 


Designed specifically for Year 7 students, Our evidence-informed, purpose written “Is This For Real” presentation sees Ambassador, Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher, talk to Year 7 students about emotions they may be feeling or thinking and issues they may be facing as they become a small fish in a much bigger High School pond.

Andrew challenges the students to think about how their lives have changed, and what mindset they’ll choose in their high school career. Andrew encourages them to stay focused, even if they experience push-back, failure and negative feelings/circumstances.

Audience: Year 7 Only

Topics/Focus: Starting High School, Negative/Positive Mindset, Freedom of Choice, Self-Evaluation, Reflection & Control, Resilience, Capacity and more.


The Life Choices Foundation’s partnership with Safeheart, brings you the Make Bullying History Program. A program that can reduce rates of bullying incidents and increase the feeling of safety within the school community.

The evidence informed program shares real life stories of how individuals and school communities can overcome bullying, help be there for each other and make school enjoyable, not endured. Together, we can make bullying history in your school.

Audience: 7-12

Topics/Focus: Identifying what bullying is, what bullying is not, why people bully and how we can stop it, self-esteem, self-worth and challenging young people to aspire to achieve their dreams.


Our purpose written “The COVID Experience” presentation sees Ambassador, Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher, talk to students about “where to next?”

Andrew challenges the students to think through what they learnt
about themselves, and the community they are a part of, during this
time. What positives can they draw from the experience and what
reflections can they build on for a more positive future?

The Program seeks to focus students’ attention on understanding themselves and how they’ve reacted to the adversity of this experience. 

Audience: 7-12

Topics/Focus: Isolation, Social Comparison, Digital Dependence, Trust, Purpose, Relationships, Self-Evaluation, Reflection & Control, Resilience, Capacity, Happiness & Well-being and more.

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