The Life Choices Foundation outsources the delivery of their presentations to professional communicators that have focused on developing specific programs aimed at Detainees.

Below is a list of options available however Life Choices Foundation is also able to tailor programs and material to the specific requirements of organisations.

Life Choices – presented by Andrew Fishtail Fisher

There are a number of topics covered under the Life Choices presentation.

Legacy – It is your choice

Sum of influences and Experiences

It’s Your Life – Its up to you to make it count.

These fast-paced and challenging presentation shakes up the paradigms of the detainees and encourages them to have the courage to stop and think about the consequences of their decisions.

Andrew Fishtail Fisher uses his street cred as a racing driver for the Jesus Racing Team to disarm the detainees and tells them there is no point living life looking in the rear vision mirror, the past is the past, they need to focus on the future and what they want to achieve.

Fishtail uses a number of his personal life stories as well as his pursuits on the race track to connect, challenge and provide the “hope” of a brighter future for the attendees.

He presents a powerful, impacting, and at times very direct presentation that engages those in attendance – inspiring them to take action.

His ability to disarm, connect, challenge and inspire the audience has resulted in the presentation being delivered in facilities in nearly every State and Territory across the country.

The presentation has received rave reviews from the management of the centres and references are available on request.

Fisher also brings team posters and a replica of the Jesus Racing teams race car into the facility as well!

“Often who we become has more to do with our circumstances or the influences in our lives. We need to understand this and then be challenged to consider our future. It is your life, it’s up to you to make it count”
Andrew Fishtail Fisher.

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Inspiring Courage – presented by Rachael Stevens

Rachael is an inspiring female communicator and author.

Rachael is a survivor of a suicide attempt, depression and a severe eating disorder. She uses her powerful and honest story of overcoming adversity to inspire the detainees. Rachael promotes help-seeking, detainees are informed and encouraged to seek out mental health support if required.

Rachael’s openness and courage demonstrates that choosing life is a decision that we must all decide to make, regardless of life’s adversity, setbacks and challenges.

Now fully recovered, Rachael is passionate about using her story to change others’ lives. Through Rachael’s workshops and talks she has been able to inspire and motivate thousands of people throughout Australia. She has won a number of awards such as the ACT Mental Health Week Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention Award as well as the ACT Young Woman of the Year Award. Rachael’s talks are offered in two formats;

This program focuses on Female detainees. Mental health is a significant

issue amongst women who are detained and Rachael is able to engage, inspire and provide a message of “hope” based on her person journey.

The program focuses on strength, resilience and potential. It is available as a 1 hour inspiring presentation. Rachael’s talk involves videos, real stories and interactive activities which demonstrate the importance of choosing life when things get tough. It explores self-esteem, suicide prevention and body image. Empowering detainees to value who they are and their mental health.

“Together we create a culture of encouragement, through resilience, connection and hope” Rachael Stevens

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