The Life Choices Foundation is a registered charity that aims to reach, engage and impact teenagers, prisoners, detainees and those suffering from abusive and harmful behaviours, and to provide a framework from which they can make positive choices around some of life’s important decisions. All too often in today’s society we see a young person’s life destroyed, or ended too soon, simply because of one poor decision.

However, people have a choice. They can allow themselves to be influenced by their circumstances, experiences and other people, or they can choose to create their own legacy. It is not easy and often it takes courage. The question for all of us is… will our legacy be a result of our actions or will our actions be influenced by the legacy we wish to leave behind? The negative influences and pressures that young people face today place them at greater risk of making poor life choices than ever before – we need to challenge them to stop and think about what they are doing, we need to encourage them to make the decisions that are ‘right’ for them, we need to inspire them to be courageous and we need to provide them ‘Hope’ for a brighter future.

The Life Choices Foundation delivers effective, engaging and impacting programs that challenge the paradigms and behaviour of individuals, and challenges them to think for themselves, to leave the past behind and to be “courageous” in the face of important life choices. The Life Choices Foundation provides information, education and a voice of reason that equips, strengthens and provides a hope for a brighter future.


Values and beliefs are imperative to the success of an individual or organisation.
These guide us when we are making our way along the path and anchor us when in trouble.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Tolerance, Compassion and Grace should be extended to all.
  • Equal rights for all people irrespective of gender, race or creed.
  • All people should determine their personal views around values such as integrity, honesty, loyalty, respect and discipline.
  • That all people should at some point consider their spirituality and determine what they believe and rely on.
  • That our past should not be the determining factor of our future.
  • People should not be passive.
  • People should make decisions based upon truth and not misconception or populous beliefs.
  • We all have the right to make choices, whether yes or no but what we should avoid is simply being passive or making decisions based on misconceptions.

Our Method of Engagement

  • Entertain – The Life Choices Foundation will use people, resources, tools and activities to entertain young people and those incarcerated to ‘break through the noise’ of society and to start the conversation.
  • Engage – The Life Choices Foundation will engage with young people, those at risk and the incarcerated, in a contemporary and meaningful way.
  • Impact – The Life Choices Foundation will impact young people, those at risk and the incarcerated, by disrupting their thinking.
  • Challenge – The Life Choices Foundation will challenge young people, those at risk and the incarcerated, about their decision making.
  • Equip – The Life Choices Foundation will equip young people, those at risk and the incarcerated, with better decision making tools.
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